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The URJ GUCI Board of Advisors is a dynamic volunteer body which exists to advance GUCI’s mission by providing counsel and expertise to the Director and his/her staff, and assists in organizing and recruiting workforces for Camp projects and special events. This non-fiduciary board promotes the benefits of Reform Jewish resident camping and advocates on behalf of GUCI to Jewish communities throughout the Midwest and beyond. This board meets 4-6 times a year to discuss ways to support camp and is made up of camp alumni, camp parents, regional clergy and other stakeholders who care about camp. 

Executive Committee

Katy Shapiro, Chair
Jill Crane, Vice Chair
Rabbi Melinda Mersack, Secretary
Steve Derringer, Past Chair & Capital Campaign Committee Chair

Board Members

Jon Bloom
Linda Cantor
Dr. Lou Cantor
Dr. Danny Eiferman
Debby Barton Grant
Evan Kleymeyer
Rabbi Brett Krichiver
Felicia Malter, Annual Campaign Committee Chair
Dr. Michael Miller
Rabbi Michael Moskowitz
Dan Nichols
Dan Pliskin
Rabbi Brigette Rosenberg
Mark Sass
Aaron Shocket
Dr. Scott Steinberg
Lindi Vernick
Ben Walker
Julie Waterman


Beth Lande, WRJ Liason