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  • The Impact of GUCI

    Written by Maayan Feintuch I’ve always known GUCI would have an ever-lasting impact on my life. I could feel the difference in my preteen/teenage/young adult self when I would come home each summer ten-fold times more confident, more willing to take new risks, bolder in and out of my social circle, and an all-around happier […]

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  • Juice Spice Fire Kallah Bet

    Written by Shirah Kraus Shavua Tov GUCI friends and family. Every week we have been making a havdalah-inspired post. In this service, we bless the sweetness of Shabbat (juice), the fragrant smells (spices), and the light (fire) that we hope to bring with us into the rest of the week. Each week, we have been […]

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