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Women's Work Weekend 2022

What is Women’s Work Weekend?
Inspired by the Brotherhood Work Weekend that has been going on for decades, several years ago the first Women’s Work Weekend was created! In partnership with the Women for Reform Judaism (WRJ), camp moms, grandmothers, camper and staff alumni and all friends of GUCI gather for a weekend of fun, meaningful work to help prepare camp for summer.

We do incredibly valued projects such as preparing our garden for the summer, painting and gardening around camp and getting our camp looking beautiful!

While we work hard, we also have a fun and beautiful weekend with delicious food and drinks, Shabbat, music and a special Saturday night social activity!

You can register for WWW 2022 here!

For now, you can find additional information here, but please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

You can reach the GUCI team at

Hope to see you in April!

-The GUCI Team


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