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Each day at GUCI is packed with creative and fun activities and wwant to make every day the best day of the summer. Here’s what you can expect in a day at GUCI:

Roll Call

Each morning – except for on Shabbat – we gather as an entire camp at what we call the Old Pool (it was actually a pool when the camp was first built!). Together we welcome the new day with GUCI ruach (spirit) and say Hamotzi (blessing over the meal) before heading to aruchat boker (breakfast).


Three times a day the entire camp gathers for meals in the Chadar Ochel (Dining Hall) with the exception of Friday and Saturday lunches which are served picnic style outside. Meals are followed up a GUCI staple – a fun and beautiful song session. All campers get one or two snacks each day. Please see theMeals and Nutrition page for information about our menu. 

nosaf & chug (Electives)

Camp is all about choices – and during nosaf and chug, campers are able to choose elective activities. We believe in giving campers the ability to shape their experience by choosing to try something new – or participating in an old favorite.  Depending on their unit, all campers have one or two (electives) a day. There are so many choices to choose from, and you can see all of our options on our Activities Page.


From softball, soccer and basketball to gaga, tennis and ultimate frisbee, to yoga and general fitness, we have tons of different sports to play, so there is truly something for everyone. We play sports to have fun, be active, and get energy out throughout the day.

chaveroot (cabin time)

For the full length of their session, campers live in a cabin with 12-16 other campers and 2-4 staff members. From day one, the community and friendship that is built with this group is strong and grows throughout the summer. During chaveroot, campers spend time with their cabinmates and partake in fun activities planned by their counselors.

(jewish programming)

Every session at GUCI has a Judaic theme which challenges campers to explore and build their Jewish identity in fun and creative ways. Through debates, scavenger hunts, plays, and other dynamic programs planned and facilitated by our staff and faculty, campers will interact with and learn about their connection to Judaism.

schiya (swimming)

The Goldman Union Camp Aquatic Center (GUCAC) features two pools, two waterslides, basketball hoops, diving boards and an aqua climb wall. Campers also have the opportunity to go boating or canoeing during offsite trips. 


Throughout the session, each cabin gets the opportunity to lead a service in front of all of camp in our beautiful Beit T’fillah (outdoor sanctuary). Each camper writes a service part in preparation for this event. Services at camp are full of music and spirituality that bring our community together.

evening programs

Each evening concludes with a chance for campers to be together for unit fun and bonding.  Favorite evening programs include  sports nights, crafts nights, pool parties, all-camp events such as talent shows or concerts,  and bunk nights where counselors plan special activities for their cabin.

lilah tov (lights out)

Units go to bed at times appropriate to their age. Lights out is based on all campers getting a minimum of eight hours of sleep a night. Staff members have rotating overnight duty, and a staff member is present inside each cabin/tent from lights out until wake-up the next morning. 

special events

Several special events and offsite trips (varies by unit) are scheduled throughout the summer where the whole camp community gathers together, including the Fourth of July Carnival, Yom Sport (color wars), Yom Yisrael (Israel Day), Concerts, Talent Shows and more 


We end each week with a beautiful, fun and meaningful Shabbat. With incredible music, delicious meals and plenty of free time, Shabbat is a time for the whole GUCI community to come together.