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For Campers Entering Their Senior Year In High School.

Avodah is an admission-by-acceptance program with limited space. No applicants are guaranteed admission to the program. The number of previous summers spent at GUCI is not a factor. Participation in the Avodah program is not a pre-requisite for future employment at GUCI.

The Avodah program is 9 weeks in length, and participants are expected to attend the entire program. The Avodah Program is designed to teach leadership skills, responsibility, self-confidence and community building. It promotes and encourages connection to Judaism and the exploration of one’s Jewish identity.

Participants learn how camp functions by working in many of the areas essential to the camp’s operations, including the kitchen, maintenance, office, day camp, and infirmary. They develop leadership skills by engaging in courses designed to teach the basics of camper supervision and coverage, and then have the opportunity to put those skills to use as assistants in a number of our unit programs. Participants also explore various Jewish religious and cultural topics in informal educational programs designed and delivered by our talented Faculty.

Avodah tuition is $6,395.00. Payment plans and need-based scholarships may be available by agreement with the Camp Director. There are a few payment schedules to choose from when registration takes place.