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    Reflections From The Chair

    As we approach these High Holy Days and embrace the season’s invitation to reflect upon the meaningfulness of our lives, I’m always pulled toward the relationships and adventures that I...

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    Trading Attitude for Gratitude

    By: Mia Hollander, Anaf Camper This is my sixth summer at GUCI. Last year I was a 13 year old girl and I definitely had some attitude. Continuing to come...

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    Conversation Cards for the Car Ride Home

    It seems like just yesterday we opened our gates for our Kallah Aleph campers. Now, in just a few short days Kallah Bet will come to a close. Sunday morning...

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    Jewish, Not Jew-ish

    By: Jeremy Cronig, Counselor   After three summers away, I returned to GUCI this summer to work as a counselor. I was filled with nerves and excitement to return this place....

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    Trip Week is Terrific

    It’s a typical morning at GUCI— Captain Crunch with Crunchberries with a side of real berries for breakfast, Birkat H’mazon, another goofy installment of “The Jellyfish Song,” then a Migdal...

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    Kesher Builds Community

    By: Daniel Kahn, Trip Coordinator Kesher is a 3 day, 2 night camping trip that all of Anaf goes on during the 3rd week of the session. It is a chance for GUCI’s...

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    Climbing Program Reaches New Heights

    By: Josh Weikel, Migdal Man (Climbing Specialist) There’s no program that brings a cabin closer together than an afternoon on the Migdal. The Migdal is GUCI’s climbing program that the campers...

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    Saying No to the Status Quo

    By: Michael Levy, Anaf Unit Head In high school there are always the stereotypical groups of people. The jocks, nerds, thespians, etc. All of the people who fall into these typecasts...

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    Keep Goldman Weird

    We live in a world where peer approval means everything— especially to adolescents. Wearing the right outfit with the right labels, getting “likes,” being friends with the cool kids all...

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    And if We Build this World from Love

    By: Jeremy Klotz, Director One of the hallmarks of a GUCI summer experience is the Shabbat celebration.  It is our ultimate expression of community.  In addition to our staff and campers,...

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