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Bunk Night is one of the highlights of a session at camp. Campers get to spend an evening grilling out and having fun with their cabin. Most of the time, Bunk Night will end with some messy activity that leaves lasting memories but not a lasting mess (okay well you might go home with some paint-covered clothes). While we are sad that we cannot have Bunk Night together in Zionsville, join us for a few bunk night activities that we can do together at home! Don’t forget to take videos and pictures and tag us on social media!!! @URJ_GUCI! Don’t have a social account? Email us here and we will share it!

While we are providing a list of bunk night activities to do at home, we are also inviting you to JOIN US LIVE!!!! Please join us here this Thursday (July 16) at 6 PM Eastern on Zoom to participate in a Zoom Bunk Night competition!

Bring your whipped cream, your favorite candy, and a paper plate!

Whipped Plate: Take a paper plate (we suggest paper so you don’t hurt yourself) and fill it up with whipped cream. Once you do this – put a bunch of candy on the plate (suggested candy: Skittles, M&Ms, Nerds). The challenge is to see how many pieces of candy you can pick up with your mouth.

Bunk Night At Home

Grill Out!

There is nothing like a Bunk Night burger, veggie burger, grilled cheese, or s’more! We invite you to make a campfire (check out this GUCI Gathering video from CLASP fellows Matt and Rhys to learn how to make a fire at home – make sure an adult is present!) or use a BBQ to grill out for dinner!







Water Balloon Game

What is bunk night without a little water fun? Have fun with water balloons! Have a water balloon fight, play a game of water balloon toss, or see how high you can throw a water balloon up in the air before it pops.


Slip ‘N Slide

Slip and slides are a must for a bunk night. We make our own at camp using a tarp, dish soap and water!





Tie Dye

Grab anything you have that is white and made of cotton! Tie- Dye is a very popular Bunk Night activity – check out instructions here.








Make some slime! See instructions here!






Jello Challenge

Take some Jello and challenge family members to jello spoon races!







Cookie Face

Place your favorite cookie on your forehead. The goal is to get the cookie from your forehead to your mouth without using your hands! Videos encouraged!