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With summer officially in full swing, many folks are looking for fun ways to stay active and entertained. If you’re fresh out of ideas, we’ve got you covered; check out these fun activities to do right from home!

Water Balloon/Super Soaker Battle

Pick up some water balloons, fill them up, and let the fun commence! You can start simple, with a friendly game of catch in the backyard with some water balloons, and then begin adding more fun as the time passes. Include super soakers, sprinklers, hoses, or even some plain old buckets of water and see who can soak the most people… or get the most soaked. Just be sure to wear your swimsuit!

Slip ‘N Slide

A summer classic, you don’t even have to worry about purchasing anything (unless you’re as easily distracted as I am on your Target runs); all you need is a tarp, some dish soap, and a hose. Lay out the tarp on a grassy area, squirt some dish soap onto it, and then run the hose from the end you’ll be sliding from. Bonus points if you can set it up on a hill for some extra speed as you slide your way down!

Water/Sprinkler Games

A great extension to the slip ‘n slide is a sprinkler conveniently placed at the base of the slide. You can also set up the sprinkler on its own, and act as the “judges” for a water gymnastics competition, rating each person’s run/jump/spin through the stream of water. If you’re someone who’d rather stay dry, just set up a lawn chair with an umbrella, and rate from a safe distance back. Of course, if you’re really planning to stay dry, you’ll have to implement some rules to make sure you don’t get splashed…

Frisbee Golf

Anything can be a goal! Use a basketball hoop, a tree branch, an open window, or really any object you can aim a frisbee at, and then keep tally! Some parks even have disc golf courses already set up for you. All you need is a disc (any frisbee will do) and some free time!


Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are an awesome way to enjoy the outdoors in summer. Come up with a list of as many items as you can that people would be likely to find near your home (or in a park you’re visiting) and see who can collect the most! This is a great way to stay entertained while hiking, or it can be a fun way to explore a new area! Just be sure not to go too far out, so that nobody ends up getting lost!

Creek Walk

A camp classic, creek walks are always a lot of fun. Many local parks allow people to wade into the water to cool off in the summer, and a walk upstream can be incredibly fun! Search for insects and other creatures underneath rocks, look for small fish swimming in clear pools, and maybe even find some clay in the riverbank to build with! Just be sure to take your creek walks while the water is low (wait for a warm week with little to no rain), wear a good pair of water shoes or close-toed sandals, and if you wander up or downstream, leave something brightly colored on the bank to remember where you entered!

Sidewalk Chalk Art

Sidewalk art can be a great way to unleash some creativity! Create obstacle courses, friendly messages to people walking by in the neighborhood, or artistic masterpieces that are bound to catch the eye. A little bit of chalk can go a long way!



It wouldn’t be summer without s’mores! Once the sun sets and the heat of the day is past, there’s no better way to relax than by sitting around the campfire roasting marshmallows. Sing some of your favorite camp songs for some bonus points!



With plenty of sky map apps available to download on your smartphone, it’s never been easier to learn the constellations. See how many you can find from your home, or connect the dots and create your own constellations! For an even better time, you can drive out away from city lights, and see just how many stars are out there. You can even go online and find designated dark sky sites near you. Plan your trip around the new moon for the darkest skies and be sure to turn off all the lights and let your eyes adjust!

Rhys Ivan