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We Are From Garin

Written by the Garin Kallah Aleph Staff


During shiur, Garin studied The Jewish Family; a value that highlights how differentiation in family is positive. The campers participated in activities and group discussions regarding their families make up, Judaism, and history. One of these activities was learning the song “We Are From The Garden” by Dan Nichols. This song talks about how everyone’s differences are what make them special. Garin took this meaning to heart and wrote their own four verses to the song. These verses cover everything from how they cheer differently to where they live in the world. Every Garin camper contributed phrases to the song. Just as the shiur lesson helped the campers acknowledge their differences and set them aside, their new verses demonstrate each camper’s creativity and individualism.


We Are From Garin

We are from Garin, from song session and bunk night.

We are from the storms and the spirit of sports,

We are from our family, and healthy competition.

We are from the best camp on the earth.


We are from Yisrael, from Phoenix and Chicago.

We are from Indy, Cleveland, Cincy and Tel Aviv.

We are from the sports teams, and the cheering and the winning.

We are from one big family.


We are from the desert, from summer nights at the ballpark,

We are from the rain the sun the wind and the heat.

We are from the friendships, and the good times and the bad.

We are from Moore Road Zionsville


We are from camp GUCI, from the Migdal to the pool,

We are from Yom Sport, to ruach, jumping and cheering,

We are from Shabbat, from services and song session.

We are from our home away from home.