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Yom Sport Reflection

The below post was written by Avodahnik Sam Steed, Blue Team Captain, following our Yom Sport (color war day).

This summer I was given the remarkable opportunity to serve as a Yom Sport captain for the blue team and it was one of the most rewarding, amazing days of my life. For those of you who stay updated on camp events you may be confused by this statement. How does somebody who put so much time and effort into a team that got last place in Yom Sport still appreciate their team’s tremendous effort and work towards bonding with each other. I think that question kind of answers itself. (That was purposeful)

Going into further detail, simply I can say that I am proud of each and every kid for stepping up. A great example of this was in GUCI’s grand marathon. When selecting the roles it is hard because EVERYONE wants to be the one to find a hidden M&M in a bowl of pudding using their mouth. I would’ve too when I was a camper. But seeing campers that were 8 years younger than me stepping up and letting someone who had a hurt knee do an activity that they wanted to do, or maybe letting their friend pick a role in front of them because they’d been practicing their 3-pointer for weeks and they wanted to do what was best for the team. This was remarkable to watch, and to the parents reading this you should be proud of your kids for putting so much ruach and effort into this event. Yom Sport builds confidence and social skills that are unmatched by any other camp event. Never do you see Anaf kids going into high school cheering on Garin campers that are two feet shorter, but at Yom Sport you can throw a rock in the air and it’ll land in the middle of a mixed social groups all cheering for blue, red, green, yellow, or all of them at the same time. Yom Sport was so much fun, and the pictures all prove it.

With that, I’ll leave you with the blue team’s favorite cheer in Marvel themed fashion. (Slight Endgame Spoiler Alert)

Hey Blue Team… How much do we love healthy competition?

3000!!! (Yelled at the top of our lungs)

Signing out,

Sam Steed,

Blue Team Captain

GUCI KA 2019

4th Place and Proud