Blog  First-Time Camper: What GUCI Parents Wish They Would Have Known

First-Time Camper: What GUCI Parents Wish They Would Have Known

Is it your child’s first time at camp this summer? We have gathered 10 top tips that current/former GUCI parents wish they would have known before sending their child to camp.

  1. Send an early “welcome to camp” letter before your camper leaves from home so they have mail right away.
  2. Consider bringing plastic drawers or something to put clothes in that don’t easily fold (swimsuits, socks, etc.) on the shelves.
  3. When you write letters to your camper, talk about random things and ask your camper about what they are doing and how proud you are of them. Also say “I love you” rather than “I miss you.” Tell extended family to follow these same guidelines.
  4. When helping your child unpack at camp, make sure your camper is activity participating. You should be helping them rather than the other way around. Gives them a sense of control and increases the chances of them knowing where to find their extra batteries, towels, boots, etc.
  5. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t receive a ton of mail from your camper, it means that they are having a blast.
  6. Send your child with a reliable book light so they can read easily in bed.
  7. You don’t need to buy clothing labels. A black sharpie and a silver sharpie (for dark fabrics) will do!
  8. Send clothes that you don’t care about as they may get messy/dirty.
  9. Send fun letters to campers from their pets.
  10. Kids are more than welcome to bring a favorite stuffed animal/blanket.

If you have any questions as you are preparing for camp this summer, please contact us at or (317) 873-3361.