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A Letter From Orly

By Orly, URJ GUCI Camp Dog

Dearest GUCI humans,

My name is Orly, and GUCI’s Senior Assistant Director Rachel Waldorf is my human. I am so excited to be here with my new bestie Shemesh, whose humans are the Klotzes. All the other humans here are so cute and are always smiling. It makes me happy that they are evidently having so much fun with bunk nights and Shabbat celebrations. On the topic of bunk night, I love when I can see the little humans having a blast with the engaging and unique activities planned by the bigger humans and the better food, which I would know (I may or may not have eaten what was left on the ground… shhh don’t tell Rachel). They always come up and pet me when I am there, which I love. Everyday I get to go on walks around camp seeing the counselors and campers doing enjoyable activities, such as archery, sports, swimming, and Gaga; I always get excited and try to join in. Sports is my favorite because humans like to throw frisbees or balls at me while saying the word “catch” and I can catch them in my mouth. It’s such a workout. Humans interacting with other humans is just so adorable. They all look so delighted to be with one another laughing, talking, human barking (singing), and dancing around. Camp has gotten off to a great start, and I am so ecstatic to get to know all the humans on camp. Excuse me now, I see a squirrel in the distance that I must chase.

Much Love,


P.S. Thank you big tall humans for sending your small cute humans to camp. I am loving all of my new playmates!


Note: This blog post was spoken by Orly then scribed by Marcy Lerner.