Blog  Service for July 3, 2014

Service for July 3, 2014

Shalom! Almost every evening at camp, we have a different cabin lead T’fillot (services). Each camper writes a part and reads it before all of camp in between the prayers we say or sing as a community. This way, every camper gets the opportunity to share something of themselves with the wider camp, and to teach the community something about their values, Judaism, or their connection to our prayers. Our cabin services make each of our T’fillot that much more unique and meaningful. —Jacob Kraus, T’fillah Specialist 


GUCI Evening Service

July 3, 2014

Cabin 16: Everyday Heroes


Opening Song

My counselors help me wake by yelling at me to wake up every morning. This helps me get ready to pray. Guci staff makes sure that everyone is included. These are my heroes and I’m sure they are everyone elses. Jews had a hero too. They had Moses who led them across the Red Sea. I have different heroes all the time but my biggest ones are my parents. -Asher Diamond


The Maariv Aravim talks about the cycle of day and night. For me, this includes many things. But, my favorite part of the day is playing with my everyday hero – my dog. She can always bring a smile to my face and I love playing with her. She is my hero, because she makes everyday unique and special in an exciting way. –Jacob Thurman

Maariv Aravim

People have different everyday heroes. My hero is my Dad. He does so many things for me; from doing homework with me to playing sports with me. Just like the Ahavat Olam is about G-d’s love for the people of Israel. I love my hero, my Dad. –Andrew Liff

Ahavat Olam

There are many heroes here at the Guci community, in the Torah, and everyday life. I’m sure if I asked everybody here, they will have many different answers. My everyday heo is my brother. He always makes my day after I come home from a busy day at school. He always has a lot of energy and he is a very awesome person. My brother is my hero and my family member that I love so much. -Dean Greenberg


My everyday heroes are my parents. They provide for me and support me which gives me hope and justice. This seems like a miracle. Camp lets me celebrate my freedom and my religion.

-Nathan Lefton

Mi Chamocha

My everyday heroes are my parents and Asher. When I was little, right before I went to bed, they would sing the Hashkiveinu to Asher and me. The prayer talks about the need for protection and peacewhich Asher and I really needed considering how many fights we got in Needless to say, we still love each other. From the constant competitions to the endless laughs, the Hashkiveinu is one prayer that calms me down and takes me to a whole new peaceful place. -Nathan Moskowitz

My everyday hero is my twin brother, Nathan. Sometimes we will get into fights, but our everlasting relationship will never end. From being picked on at school and being captain on our baseball and soccer team, my brother Nathan couldn’t be there more to help me out in times of need. I couldn’t ask for any person cooler or smarter than Nathan. Every night, Nathan and I would sing the Hashkiveinu to each other. Eventually, we would fall asleep. The Hashkiveinu talks about protection, which I always had because my brother Nathan was always sleeping right next to me. But, eventually I moved downstairs, because Nathan would wake me up really early in the morning. Just remember I will always love you Nathan, no matter what happens in life. -Asher Moskowitz


My everyday heroes are my parents. They inspire me to do so many things that have helped me in everyday life. They can do things that range from just playing a game, or watching a movie, to helping me with a 100 point project. This relates to the Amidah, because our Jewish ancestors had to be heroes to their kids too. They had to protect, influence, and love them just like my parents do for me. The Amidah talks about leaders and heroes have to show leadership. My parents show these traits and are leaders to me, everyday. -Jack Gurwin

Amidah (Avot VImahot, Gvurot, Kedushat Hashem)

Hero – my definition of hero is someone who does things for others before themselves. My hero is my brother, he’s older, so he’s been my example because of what he does. I can look at him and decide whether to take a different route. His life experience has taught me so much. How do you pick a hero? So, you have to find people that you have learned from. My brother taught me to be kind and to get kindness back. To have a hero of such intelligence and wisdom is a privilege allowed to only the luckiest of people. I dislike him sometimes, but who cares? He’s my only brother and I love him. -Noah Spaulding Schecter

Shalom Rav

A hero can be defined differently by everyone. But, for me, I see my parents as my everyday heroes. Heroes are peaceful like Silent Prayer. Guci needs a hero everyday!  -Dylan Siegler

My hero is my best friend, Paige, because she is calm and reassuring when everyone around her and freaking out. When she isn’t calm , she is fun and energetic and her smile is very contagious. She is always there for me and I will always love her for that. -Ethan Cohen

Silent Prayer, Yihyu Lratzon

Heroes can be different for different people. I think a hero is someone who is a good leader. My heroes are my parents. They help me with everything and I can be honest and trust that they are helping me with their advice. Also when I feel sad, I can trust them. -Isaac Chaifetz

Aleinu Lshabeiach

The Kadish Yatom talks about remembrance. From the first Guci summer, to here the end of my fourth. I remember all my memories. The good, bad, funny, and even more funny. All of them are made by my everyday heroes. If you are wondering who my hero is, it’s my cabin mates. Their support, brotherhood, and jokes make Guci what it is to me. I couldn’t ask for better heroes. If you haven’t met these heroes, 1000 pardons. -Eric Weiss

Mourners Kaddish

Our theme is everyday heroes. This relates to Guci, because you can connect with people you don’t see everyday and you can find heroes at camp. Jake Klingensmith is my hero, because he not only taught me how to play magic and Frisbee (which I now play everyday) he also inspired me to be a better person. He was someone I could look up to as a younger camper. He sets a good example. I hope at the service, you too have figured out who your everyday hero is.-Jonathan Weisbach

Closing Song