Blog  How Judaism Connects Us As a Unit

How Judaism Connects Us As a Unit

Goldman Union Camp Institute

August 2, 2013

Cabin 17: How Judaism Connects Us As a Unit


Mah Tovu pg 192

[Part redacted by wish of camper]

Please turn to page two hundred and twenty six and rise for the Barchu.

Barchu pg 226

Jews have been spread across the world since the temple was destroyed by the Romans 2,000 years ago. Now, in the present, Jews are spread across our nation. GUCI acts as another temple that brings Jews from the U.S. and even Israel. GUCI truly connects us all. – Ethan A.

Please join on page two hundred and twenty eight

Yotzeir Or pg 228

I connect with my unit through talking. In the Sh’ma, we say we believe in one God. This belief in one God connects us by giving us a common belief to talk about. – Alex S.

Please turn to page two hundred and thirty two and rise for the Shema.

Sh’ma/V’ahavta pg 232

After 15 hours of flight, I arrived here, I arrived at GUCI. In the first days it was so hard, I was so far away from home, but after 3-4 days, I met new friends, new family because everyone around me is Jewish, and together we are all one big community, and a new home because GUCI is a home away from home. – Aner R.

Please join in the Mi Chamocha on page two hundred and forty

Mi Chamocha pg 240

A month ago, I arrived at the airport full of excitement, and I met all of my friends that I am going to spend a full month with here at GUCI, my new home. After a lot of hours on the airplane, I arrived tired and I didn’t know how I would get along in a new place without family, without friends and with the new language. But anyway, I had something familiar; the Jewish community that comes here every year, that helped, helps, and always will help. – Eyal A.

Please turn to page two hundred and forty two and rise for the Amidah

Amidah pg 242

To me personally, I am able to become closer with someone if they’re Jewish. This may be because we share the same beliefs or we honor the same traditions. Either way, at GUCI I am able to create stronger bonds with my friends. This is why everyone here is so close. – Ross C.

Please join in Sim Shalom on page two hundred and fifty eight

Sim Shalom pg 258

[Part redacted by wish of camper]

Please pray silently

Silent Prayer

Traditionally, Judaism has brought groups from all over the world together, both physically and spiritually. Families are brought together for all holidays, no matter the size of the holiday. In this, we connect and grow closer to become one large unit. – Clinton R.

Please rise to take the Torah out of the ark on page three hundred and sixty four

Torah Service pg 364

Torah Blessings pg 368

Judaism is a very unique religion. When I meet someone else that is Jewish, I immediately feel like I have a connection to them. There are so few Jewish people in the world that we get to feel such a strong connection even at the beginning of our friendships. – Jacob S.

Please join in the Aleinu at the bottom of page five hundred and eighty six

Aleinu pg 586

Judaism connects and unites us as a unit by making it something in our lives that brings us together. A common idea or a belief brings us together, much like the community here at GUCI. Jews from everywhere come together to this little place in Zionsville, Indiana to surround and embrace their Jewish heritage and to have an amazing experience at this awesome place called GUCI. – Tim M.

Please join in the Kaddish Yatom on page five hundred and ninety eight

Kaddish Yatom pg 598

[Part redacted by wish of camper]

Yom Zeh L’Yisrael pg 634

Yom zeh l’Yisrael ‘orah v’simchah

Shabbat menuchah

This is Israel’s day of light and joy: Shabbat, a day of rest.

Adonai oz l’amo yitein. Adonai y’vareich et amo vashalom.

God will grant strength to God’s people. God will bless God’s people in peace.

Cabin 17 in front of the GUCI star!

Cabin 17 in front of the GUCI star!