Blog  Yom Sport Kallah Bet 2012!

Yom Sport Kallah Bet 2012!

It’s that time of session again, Yom Sport! Yesterday was the day that all of the campers wait for and it was one of the best Yom Sports’ we have seen!

Campers woke up to a regularly scheduled day and attended breakfast, until Reid Myers, Program Director, lost his clipboard. Reid asked all of the Unit Heads if they had taken it and then asked all of Avodah. After realizing that his trusty clipboard was gone and that it held all of the days’ programs he announced that it would be Yom Sport! The captains then came running out of the kitchen dressed in full Yom Sport attire screaming cheers and getting everyone excited. The event organizers for the day, Sharon Abramson and Joe Slade, introduced each team and told campers what the day had in store for them. Sharon and Joe explained the theme of the day, Yom Clue, and how each team would be learning about Judaism, as well as healthy competition. Instead of being told what Jewish or Israeli cultural item they represented, they had to guess. Each team was given an envelope of clues, and after each event they were able to get one depending on how well they did in said event. Each team had to figure out from their clues a person, place and thing that had to do with Judaism, and incorporate it into their songs and skits later that night. After the brief overview of the day they were then told to go down to their cabins to change into their team colors and get ready for sports rotations.

Sports rotations consisted of Gaga, kickball, ultimate Frisbee, soccer, and knockout. Teams worked hard to win each rotation so that they could have a head start on points going into the Quiz Bowl.

The Quiz Bowl took place right after sports rotations. Each team had members from each unit go up and answer various questions about Judaism and camp. Even Avodahniks, staff members, and team captains got a chance to play. Once the Quiz Bowl had ended, Sharon and Joe tallied the points so far and announced that the Yellow Team was in the lead. The next event that could help the teams move up in the competition was the marathon.

The marathon took place after lunch and a restful menucha (nap time). Earlier that morning every camper, on each team, was assigned a position in the marathon. The starting place was at the front gate, where campers had to make a human pyramid. After completing the pyramid, they had to tag the next camper who then ran to the next station. There were various stations like singing a song with a mouth full of sunflower butter, leapfrog, and shaving a balloon. When all the stations had been completed and the last campers tagged their captains, they ran down to the sports field to meet the rest of their teams. Every team lined up so that their captains could crawl under everyone to make the finish line. And to finish off a great event, there was all camp swim!

Later that evening teams came together in the Mercaz Tarbut to try one last time to win. Each team performed a skit and song they created from the person, place and thing they were assigned. The Red Team was given Jonah, Jericho and Rimonim. The Green Team had Elijah, Kibbutz, and Talit Katan. The Blue Team had Golda Meier, Goldman Union Camp Institute and T’fillin. The Yellow Team was given Debbie Friedman, Kinneret/Sea of Gallilee, and Magen David. All of the teams were able to figure these out with the clues they were given throughout the day!

After final songs and cheers, Sharon and Joe took some time to deliberate a winner. While the campers were waiting, they had a dance party in the Mercaz Tarbut to show that they whole day was just about healthy competition and working together. When Sharon and Joe returned they announced that the Yellow Team was the winner!

Yom Sport isn’t about being competitive here at G.U.C.I. It’s about teamwork and learning that competition should be healthy. Anaf campers were working together with Shoresh and Gezah campers to make it through the marathon. It was a day to unify the whole camp and show all campers that age should not separate them when working towards a common goal. And although we all might lose our voices from cheering and it doesn’t matter who won, everyone still remembers events they took part in and what a difference they made to their team. Yom Sport Kallah Bet  2012 was truly a day to remember.