Blog  We All Need Some Tikkun

We All Need Some Tikkun


Kesher buses waiting to leave for a great three days!

Today Shoresh travelled all over camp to learn about Tikkun, which means to repair. They learned about how it is important to repair their community and themselves!

Shoresh started at the sports field and were asked to make a choice when given a scenario, like a choose your own adventure shiur. They were first asked to choose between going to help at a homeless shelter or staying home to rest, when they had the flu. They were also given situations about family and friends. Once they had picked they were asked to move to a different location to talk about it. In sicha, which is the discussion part of Shiur, campers talked about how they help their communities and families by the choices they make everyday. Some talked about how they participate in food drives or take part in Relay for Life.

In the end the campers learned that Tikkun is about achieving inner peace and repairing themselves by performing mitzvot. When all of these things have been fulfilled they can be a part of a Kehillah Kedoshah, which is a holy community. It is an important part of Judaism to repair ourselves as well as repair the world. Here at G.U.C.I. we are firm believers in this, and that’s why we have late wake up and all day free time on Saturdays for Shabbat, as well as do Tikkun Olam!

Another unit is also performing some Tikkun this week. Anaf is leaving for Kesher today and staying until Wednesday afternoon. This is Anaf’s unit camping trip off camp. They will be working together to build tents and make meals. As a unit they will be achieving inner peace by helping one another and relaxing. Kesher is sure to be an amazing trip and we can’t wait to see what things are accomplished and how the unit has bonded during the three days away from camp!