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Shabbat is in The Air

Today is the first Shabbat of Kallah Aleph. What makes today so special for campers is that the daily schedule is different so they can prepare for Shabbat.

Garin, Shoresh and Gezah participated in Shabbat prep instead of their regular Olami. They learned new Rikudei Am (Israeli Dance), the song Lo Yareiu, and the importance and significance of the Shabbat Walk.

Rabbi Rapport discussed with Gezah that we are not the only people who take part in a Shabbat Walk every Friday. He explained that it was started about 500 years ago in the city of Tzfat, Israel. He also told stories about when he used to attend G.U.C.I. as a camper, and how Shabbat was celebrated then. Shabbat Prep was full of interactive learning combined with Jewish history.

Also in preparation for Shabbat, Danny Nichols held special programs for all the units. As a G.U.C.I. Alumni, Danny comes once a session to entertain and spread his wisdom to campers.

While spending time with Anaf he sang a set of songs that were uplifting and inspiring with a side of silly. In all Danny’s glory he started off his sing-along with a goofy song the kids could let loose to. To quiet the excitement in the room, Danny gave few words of insight into the meaning of his songs and how they are supposed to make us feel and think. Dusty Columbia Embury our Inclusion Specialist, said that the Danny Nichols experience is special because “he teaches us to sing, teaches us Torah and teaches how to be a community- all in one song session.”

Danny Nichols just has a special effect on everyone. Even Anaf boys came together, putting their arms around each other, for Danny’s song Mayim. His Shabbat Prep song session was a relaxing and exciting hour for the units today. They were able to learn and think about Judaism while doing something they loved. Honestly, Shabbat Prep has never been better!

Shabbat Shalom From G.U.C.I.