Blog  2012 Summer Kickoff

2012 Summer Kickoff

This past Wednesday all of our summer staff arrived to begin preparing for the summer. As the staff is bonding they are showing how excited and eager they are for Kallah Aleph to begin. In the next few days before the session starts they will be hard at work planning an amazing summer!

Since this summer is going to be one of the best we have seen, we want to share it with you. We have planned weekly Blog and Facebook posts to keep you updated and in the loop of the happenings at G.U.C.I. Some of the events we will be posting about are the Migdal, staff members, and unit trips. As you can tell, our social media efforts will be an important part of summer 2012 at G.U.C.I. So make sure you check back weekly during, Kallah Aleph, to see what our campers are doing. We are excited for what this summer will bring and we can’t wait for the campers to arrive tomorrow!