Blog  Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!


As Thanksgiving approaches we thought it would be great to share two staff reflections from this past summer.  We feel these reflections really put the camp experience in perspective and highlight what we are thankful for this Thanksgiving.  We wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving from G.U.C.I. with love.

G.U.C.I. has impacted me as a person because it has become a part of my identity.  The community here is unparalleled, and the spirituality and connection felt to nature, God, and other people is something I haven’t found as strongly anywhere else.  However, camp has paved the way for me to find spirituality in other places.  G.U.C.I. is truly a magical place as a camper or as a staff member.  Every Shabbat when the lights are off and the whole camp is singing together by candlelight, I look around and thank whatever forces may be that have led me to such a wonderful place. – Sarah Schlosberg

The summer I have just recently spent on staff is right now the best one so far.  Time did seem rough from week to week, however, I would go to sleep realizing that a person’s life was changed for what I can only hope was the better by something I did.  This past summer I worked as the assistant pool director and was on top deck, which allowed me to see camp from another perspective than the average first-year staff member.  The world I grew up in slowly became a place where I was a leader helping others through a day or just a small problem.  Thank you, G.U.C.I., for giving me an experience of a lifetime and helping me in my future success. – Alex Lande

We look forward to posting more reflections from campers and staff in the coming months!

Max Klaben
Assistant Director