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Gezah’s Yom Tiyul

Gezah just got back from its magical camping trip, Yom Tiyul.  It had a Harry Potter theme, and everyone had a great time!   All of the kids and counselors were divided into the four different Hogwarts Houses for the two-day trip. Gezah left camp on Monday filled with joy and excitement on three busses from a mock Platform 9 ¾. Our first destination was Morgan Monroe State Park, where we spent the evening and morning.

Immediately after arriving, we set all of our belongings down on went on a nature hike. The hike was outstanding, and it was awesome to see many kids interacting and meeting others outside of their cabins. When we got back to the campsite, dinner was ready. We had lots of grilled chicken, corn on the cob, Caesar salad, chips, and tons of water. After dinner we had services in nature. This is always my favorite part on Yom Tiyul because you could pray in the peaceful presence of nature surrounding you. The theme for the service was magic with counselors reading service parts about their beliefs on what can be magic.

Campers and counselors had a great time on Yom Tiyul. The trip's theme was Harry Potter.

The next day we had a great breakfast, and after we loaded the busses and went to Holiday Park.  We ate lunch and went on a photo scavenger hunt looking for Harry Potter themed items. The park was very great, and we enjoyed the nice weather. Our next destination was back to camp….yet Yom Tiyul was not quite over.  At camp we had Hogwarts-style classes, played in a Quidditch tournament, and watched the first Harry Potter movie.

Yom Tiyul was a lot of fun. I truly enjoyed every minute of the trip as did all of the campers.  The kids really got into the Harry Potter theme and enjoyed the activities.  We laughed and had a wonderful time. Yom Tiyul was a great experience and one that as a camper, and now counselor, I always and will treasure the experience in my heart!

–Adam Sobol, Cabin 13 Counselor