Blog  The Faculty’s Perspective: Shabbat

The Faculty’s Perspective: Shabbat

As we prepare for Shabbat, we asked this week’s camp faculty, “What is your favorite part of Shabbat at camp?” Here are their responses:

“I love when the Avodahnikim welcome everyone into the Chadar Ochel for Shabbat dinner. They line up in two lines outside the doors of the Dining Hall and create a canopy with outstretched arms. The campers are then greeted as they make their way under the canopy.” –Marcia Rittmaster, Temple Beth Torah in Overland Park, Kansas

“I love the Shabbat walk. It’s great seeing the kids dressed up, singing and having a great time.”–Rabbi David Kaufman, B’nai Jeshuron in Des Moines, Iowa

“One of the most amazing and moving parts of Shabbat is watching 400 campers, counselors, staff and faculty singing with complete joy during erev Shabbat song session. The love for Judaism, camp and one another is palpable as we sing our way into Shabbat. Shabbat song session reminds us that the future of Judaism is bright and melodious.”–Rabbi Benjy Bar-Lev, Temple Beth Shalom in Columbus, Ohio

“My favorite part has been seeing how proud everyone is of their Judaism. I love seeing boys and girls jumping up and down and singing during song session and look forward to seeing how this manifests itself on Shabbat.” –Cantor Reina Siroty, Temple Shomer Emunim in Toledo, Ohio

“My favorite part of Shabbat evening is at the conclusion of the Shabbat Walk when the entire camp enters the Beit T’fillah. There is a wonderful feeling of unity as the entire camp fills this outdoor sanctuary and joins together to celebrate the beginning of Shabbat with music and prayer.”– Rabbi Melinda Mersack, G.U.C.I. Cleveland Representative

“I love Shabbat afternoon. After a busy week, the holiness and uniqueness of Shabbat is tangible as campers take a break from their normal daily routine and enjoy some Shabbat rest as they relax at the pool, enjoy a mini-chug (a 30-minute elective special interest group) or spend time with new and old friends.” –Rabbi Daniel Schwartz, Temple Shir Shalom in West Bloomfield, Michigan