Blog  A Camper’s Perspective: Kesher

A Camper’s Perspective: Kesher

The best privilege Anaf gets is Kesher.  It’s a three-day camping trip that everybody looks forward to.  Anaf gets prepares for the trip the first week and a half of camp, learning how to do things like set up tents.  Then, when Kesher finally arrives, it’s one of the best experiences of camp.  Anaf takes a bus down to Bloomington, then once they arrive, the fun begins.  On Kesher, people set up their tents, make their own food, go on a pontoon boat with a slide, and have a campfire, among other things.

However, the most important thing on Kesher is friends.  All of Anaf gets split into about seven groups, and the kids spent most of their time with their group.  During Kesher, the kids become friends with everyone in their group, even if they didn’t know anyone in the group before Kesher started.  By the end of Kesher, everybody has made new friends, learned how to be better at camping, and created memories that will last a lifetime.

Forrest Levy

Anaf Camper

On Kesher, Anaf cooks and camps out for three days.