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Avodah’s Role at Camp

Hello family and friends of G.U.C.I.-ites! I have the pleasure of writing to you as a member of this summer’s Avodah, which is a two-month work/study program for students entering twelfth grade. We are almost four weeks in, and it’s been a blast so far!

Basically, as the program’s description suggests, we Avodahnikim divide our time between doing jobs around camp and engaging in higher-level, more intimate Jewish educational programs than the ones we were used to as campers. These are conducted in small groups with rabbis. Of course, we also participate in many of the all-camp programs that we have grown to love, such as T’filot (services), song sessions, and Yom Sport. Avodah is a great balance between work and play, between old and new.


Avodah is a work-study program at G.U.C.I.

Many of us frequently field questions from our friends at home such as, “Why would you pay to spend your summer cleaning toilets?” The answer is simple: we love G.U.C.I. and we are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to uphold the camp community. As campers, we were fortunate enough to experience the magic of G.U.C.I.; as Avodahnikim, it is our responsibility and our pleasure to contribute to and maintain that magic for our campers. Whether we’re scrubbing floors or singing our hearts out, we’re happy to be here, and we have a great time.

Miranda Cooper