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    Jewish, Not Jew-ish

    By: Jeremy Cronig, Counselor   After three summers away, I returned to GUCI this summer to work as a counselor. I was filled with nerves and excitement to return this place. I attribute so much of who I am as a person and a Jew to my time as a camper here. The first day of […]

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    Trip Week is Terrific

    It’s a typical morning at GUCI— Captain Crunch with Crunchberries with a side of real berries for breakfast, Birkat H’mazon, another goofy installment of “The Jellyfish Song,” then a Migdal skit. But rather an elaborate story line ending with an off rhyme to today’s lucky cabin’s theme… the crew calls a unit’s trip. Sixty campers […]

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    Kesher Builds Community

    By: Daniel Kahn, Trip Coordinator Kesher is a 3 day, 2 night camping trip that all of Anaf goes on during the 3rd week of the session. It is a chance for GUCI’s oldest unit to get away from camp, connect with nature, and be together without any distractions. The unit is broken up into smaller teams for […]

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    Climbing Program Reaches New Heights

    By: Josh Weikel, Migdal Man (Climbing Specialist) There’s no program that brings a cabin closer together than an afternoon on the Migdal. The Migdal is GUCI’s climbing program that the campers participate in by cabin and nosaf groups throughout the session. GUCI is fortunate enough to have multiple climbing courses for the campers to try out. […]

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    Saying No to the Status Quo

    By: Michael Levy, Anaf Unit Head In high school there are always the stereotypical groups of people. The jocks, nerds, thespians, etc. All of the people who fall into these typecasts exist at camp, but the groups do not. I have never seen another place where these groups are absent. Personalities and qualities of the individual […]

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    Keep Goldman Weird

    We live in a world where peer approval means everything— especially to adolescents. Wearing the right outfit with the right labels, getting “likes,” being friends with the cool kids all matter. Or at least it’s supposed to… GUCI is different, and proud to be. Last night campers and counselors alike jumped and screamed along to […]

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    And if We Build this World from Love

    By: Jeremy Klotz, Director One of the hallmarks of a GUCI summer experience is the Shabbat celebration.  It is our ultimate expression of community.  In addition to our staff and campers, Shabbat is a time when we are typically joined by many guests at camp; some wanting to witness and participate in Shabbat at camp for […]

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    Why I Became a Counselor

    By: Ruthie Chaban, third year counselor I came to GUCI in the summer of 2004 as a Garin camper. I fell in love with the people and the place itself. After my two weeks I couldn’t wait to go back year after year, and even kept in contact with my cabin-mates. Sadly my time never came back […]

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    Farwell to Kallah Aleph 2016

    By: Jeremy Klotz, Director It’s hard to believe that Kallah Aleph (first session) is coming to an end this Sunday.  It’s equally difficult for me to believe that I’ve been living at camp for over six weeks now.  Time is a very strange thing at camp.  We do so many activities, programs, special trips, etc. during […]

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    A Reflection on Camperhood

    By: Sarah Naiman, second year Anaf camper Writing this is one of the most difficult tasks I have every completed during my past eight summers at GUCI. How can I possibly describe the greatest summers of my list within a few sentences? After many drafts, revisions, and edits, I realize that the answer is simple: […]

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