Where is GUCI located?
GUCI Is located on the Northwest side of Indianapolis, IN, just west of I-465.

After I submit my application, when will I hear from GUCI?
After your completed application (all references, essays, etc) is received and processed by our office, you will be contacted by phone or email by our Director or Senior Assistant Director to set up a time for your phone interview. At the conclusion of the phone interview, you will be informed of the timeline for the remainder of the hiring process.

What happens if I am hired to work at GUCI?
Upon accepting a position, you will receive a written contract. The contract is to be signed and returned to the camp office within ten days. You will also receive a number of information forms that we will need to have on file prior to the summer. This mailing will contain information about your arrival to camp, medical forms, and other materials. These forms will need to be returned to the camp prior to your arrival.

When do I get paid?
Paychecks are issued twice a summer, at the end of each session. You can choose to receive one of your checks at the end of first session, or we will hold it for you until summer’s end. Working at camp provides a great opportunity to avoid spending money. If you wait until summer’s end to get your checks you’ll leave camp with your pockets full.

Does Camp have a curfew for staff?
In order to assure that staff members are able to function at all times throughout the camp season, policies have been set regarding staff being in their cabins. We expect everyone to perform at the peak of their abilities during the day, and a good night’s sleep is defined as getting at least six hours of sleep each night. Therefore, there is a 1:30 AM curfew for all staff.

When do I have time/days off?
All staff member must take 2 days and 2 nights off per session. Days off go from 6:00pm – 6:00pm except Thursdays to Fridays which are 5:00pm – 5:00pm. Nights off are from 6:00pm – midnight. These days and nights off are spread throughout the four weeks. They are opportunities to relax and socialize with other staff members. Under special circumstances (school registration, family affairs for example) and with the director’s approval, days and nights off may be taken consecutively.
Staff members are also assigned an hour off each day during normal program hours.

Will I have to attend a Staff Orientation?
Yes! A comprehensive Staff Orientation program is held during the first week of the summer season. During this week, staff members are presented with a great deal of information – from camp policies and procedures, to working with groups. Staff Orientation is required for all staff members. The goals of staff orientation are two-fold: (1) to give staff members the opportunity to meet, get to know and develop strong working relationships with each other, and (2), to prepare staff members for the challenges of working in a residential camp setting. Group-building experiences, training sessions and concentrated planning sessions, all done with other staff members are included in the program for staff orientation. These programs, along with our Staff Manual, good common sense and judgment form the basics for being a successful counselor at camp. Staff orientation provides the tools and skills necessary to guarantee a successful summer for all, and does so within the framework of building a Jewish community.

What if I am a vegetarian or have diet restrictions?
Special diets, i.e. low cholesterol, vegetarian, etc. can be accommodated. If you require such assistance, it is your responsibility to make such arrangements in advance with the camp. Meals are served kosher style, we do not serve pork or shellfish and we do not mix meat and dairy.

What is there to do in Zionsville?
The camp is located Just minutes from shopping, restaurants and movie theaters. Camp is 20 minutes from Downtown Indianapolis where you can find museums, concerts, sporting events, street fairs and much more.

Will I have access to my e-mail?
Computers are available for staff use in the staff lounge. Staff members have free access to the Internet.

How will I do my laundry at camp?
Everyone’s laundry is done on camp twice a session by our laundry staff. If you prefer to do your own laundry there are laundromats located just around the corner.

May I bring my vehicle to camp?
Yes, you may bring your personal vehicle to camp. There are designated parking areas in the camp for staff vehicles.

What can I expect from my experience on staff at Goldman Union Camp?
Being on staff at any resident camp is perhaps the most difficult and most fulfilling job you will ever have. A summer at Goldman Union Camp will be challenging, both physically and emotionally, but most of all, it will be fun! As a staff member at GUCI, you will have the opportunity to experience life in our unique community, positively impact the lives of campers and create friendships that will last a lifetime.

Still have questions? Contact the camp office for more information.