Shalom from GUCI!

We are so excited to announce our new GUCI Gatherings virtual programming for all of us to engage, pray, learn and laugh together. Think Roll Call, Lights Out Programs, Chugim/Nosafim and more. We will continue to add programs to this web page. We hope this helps bring the Magic of GUCI into everyone's home. See you all (virtually) soon!

Want to use a virtual camp background on your next Zoom call? Check out a great selection here

You can join our virtual programming by using the following links:

June 9: Juice & Canvas

June 12: Shabbat Services

To see all the offerings from URJ Camps and NFTY for your family visit our URJ Shared Calendar. 

Miss an event you really wanted to see? Check out the below recordings:

3.21.2020 Havdalah

3.23.2020 Roll Call  

3.24.2020 Israeli Dancing

3.25.2020 Lights Out Program Featuring Nico and Tony Satryan 

3.26.2020 Art Chug

3.27.2020 Medurah (Campfire) 

3.28.2020 Fitness Nosaf 

3.30.2020 Meditation Lights Out Program 

3.31.2020 Spill The Tea Nosaf 

4.1.2020 Harry Chapin Themed Lights Out Program 

4.3.2020 Shabbat Walk 

4.4.2020 Hootenanny 

4.6.2020 Roll Call + Breakfast Songs 

4.7.2020 Lights Out Program Featuring Judy and Ian Silver 

4.8.2020 Roll Call + Breakfast Songs 

4.10.2020 Kendama Nosaf 

4.11.2020 Yoga Nosaf 

4.17.2020 Friday Night Shabbat Song Session 

4.23.2020 Cooking Nosaf (Shakshuka) 

4.25.2020 Havdalah 

5.1.2020 Shabbat Blessings 

5.2.2020 Havdalah 

5.5.2020 Song Session

5.9.2020 Folk Night 

5.12.2020 Tefillah

5.16.2020 Medurah (Campfire)