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know a family who should join us in zionsville?

Encourage them to set up time to speak with one of GUCI’s Directors – if they meet with us, you automatically get $50 off your summer 2022 tuition. For each camper they enroll, you get an additional $100 credit. See below for more information.

Step One

Reach out to friends and relatives in your local community who have camp-aged children (entering grades 3-9) and tell them about GUCI. Share your camper(s)’ experience, our amazing community and encourage them to take a look at our program.

Step two

Ask them to invest 20 minute of their time, at a time convenient to them, from the comfort of their own homes, to meet with a GUCI Director to learn more about the program.

Step three

Send them this link to our scheduling page and they can pick a time that works for them. You are welcome to join them on the call, but you do not have to.  After we meet with the family, we will apply a $50 tuition credit to your account.

Step four

When they sign up for the meeting, they will indicate that you referred them. After the meeting, we will contact you to let you know how it went and we encourage you to follow up with them.

Step five

For each camper in that family that enrolls, you will get an additional $100 tuition credit. For example, if you were to refer a family with three children and all three enrolled in camp, we would credit your account $350.

program exclusions

  • No tuition credit given for referring a sibling of an existing GUCI camper.
  • No tuition credit given for referring a child or sibling of someone who was a GUCI camper in the past five years.
  • Full-time URJ staff are not eligible for this incentive.
  • Full-time URJ congregation professionals may receive the incentive for referring families who are not members of any URJ congregation.

There are no limits on the number of campers you can refer – however, there is no cash value for referrals, only tuition credit.