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How Did we do Last Summer?

Each year following summer, GUCI participates in a Camper Satisfaction Insights Survey (CSI) that seeks feedback from families on a wide variety of topics including program offerings, facility conditions, leadership, cost, etc.  We carefully review the results of this survey as we consider our goals for improvement during the coming year.  We share the results of this study with our counselors each summer so they have an understanding of family expectations.  I’m pleased to share some of the results from summer 2017 with you.

There were 66 Jewish overnight camps in the survey representing 14,698 campers.  Thirty-four percent of GUCI parents/guardians from 2017 responded to the survey.

  • GUCI is routinely one of the highest rated camps for “likelihood to return next summer” and “likelihood to recommend to friends and family.”  This trend repeated for 2017!
  • At 85% excellent (ranking of 5 out of 5), GUCI was the highest rated camp for building relationships between children, their fellow campers and staff that create a sense of belonging.
  • Jewish ritual and educational programming is a core part of GUCI’s and the Union for Reform Judaism’s missions.  This year GUCI scored 11% higher (79% excellent rankings) than the average score for all camps in the survey.  Considering they all are self-described as “Jewish camps,” we are proud to be at the top of the pack in this category.
  • 99% of GUCI respondents believe that camp met or exceeded their expectations for developing/deepening as sense of friendship between peers.
  • 100% of GUCI respondents say that camp met or exceeded their expectations in helping their camper(s) develop more independence.
  • Over the last three summers, we have placed higher emphasis on helping campers learn new skills.  We are thrilled to see that 91% of our respondents believe we met or exceeded their expectations in this regard!

We constantly review our programs and processes in order to improve our service and stay current with family expectations.  The CSI survey is a great guide for us.  We will continue focusing on communications with our families during the summer.  We know that this communication is essential, that families want both information about camp in general, and about their children specifically.  We also know that communication from our Infirmary when children are seen by the doctor, given medications, or stay the night is critical.  We are working with our medical staff to ensure we continue to improve in these areas.  Over the last three years, we’ve made great strides to increase the quality and variety of our food at camp.  We get great reports from our staff and campers, especially about our salad bar and breakfast berry/yogurt bar.  We know that more variety and protein in our vegetarian meals is desired.  We also know that, in the past, we had been serving too much sugar.  Last summer, we started serving much less sugar cereals, and implanted an afternoon healthy snack for the entire camp.  This year, we are removing our soda machines and starting to add healthier options for canteen in an effort to further reduce our sugar intake.  Don’t worry, we still serve plenty of desserts, smores, ice creams, cookies, and other great stuff that we know kids love.  After all, we are at summer camp, right?

Many thanks to all of the families that provided feedback either in the survey or directly to our leadership.