Blog  GUCI From the Eyes of an Outsider

GUCI From the Eyes of an Outsider

By Rosie Needham, URJ GUCI Pool Director

As someone who is not Jewish, my journey to camp was very different compared to others.

Back in 2015, being driven through the gates of Goldman Union Camp, I remember feeling a little nervous, but excited for what the summer had to offer me. Being in a new country and a new culture, I had no understanding of Judaism and the different religious movements. When I met everyone, they were so kind, welcoming and accepting. They answered any questions that I had to ask.

Fast forward to the present, as a 3rd year staff member, I find I know a lot more about the Jewish community – learning prayers in song at services, Jewish history and values. Most importantly the way everyone comes together as one, to celebrate their own Jewish identity.

All in all, I believe the GUCI magic is the crazy Shabbat Friday night song sessions, campfires, bunk nights, Yom Sport, staff/faculty and most of all the campers, and I am so grateful for every single moment – it has changed my life in so many different ways. I have made so many new friends from different parts of the world I never thought I would have the pleasure of meeting, and that is why I count down the days for the next summer to come around, to travel all the way from the UK, and create even more long lasting memories at this beautiful place.

Camp has made me more confident and taught me to be my own person. It truly is what everyone says it is – a home away from home, and I am so happy to be part of the GUCI family.