Blog  Returning as Second Year Staff

Returning as Second Year Staff

By Noa Kossmann, URJ GUCI Counselor

As a second year staff member and having just finished my freshman year of college, I feel as though I can better appreciate GUCI. Coming from a school with almost no Jewish population and not seeing my camp friends at youth group events throughout the year, I value my time here more. Not only do I get to reconnect with all of my friends that have become family, I also get to reconnect with my Jewish identity and culture. Going to programs, bonding with my campers, having services everyday, and getting to celebrate Shabbat for 10 weeks makes it feel like I never left. There is a strong Jewish connection here at 9349 Moore Road that I was not really able to appreciate until I experienced time away

Additionally, being with my campers and seeing how much they have grown makes me realize how much I have as well. A year is a tremendous amount of time to mature and learn, and I see that both in my girls and in myself. I am so thankful to be back here at GUCI, and getting to reconnect with all of the things I have missed being away at college. I am blessed to continue to have the opportunity to make these friendships and connections that I will never forget. The GUCI magic this summer has never felt so sweet.