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Where I’m From

An original poem written by URJ GUCI Campers Sophie, Evie, Maliya, Abe, Isa, Eden, Sadie, Katie, Rebecca, Josh, Lev, Alex, Sienna, Emma, Ross, Sarah and Charlie


We are from the garden

We are from the flood

We are from the angels singing, “All you need is love”

We are from the mountain

And the hope blowing on the wind

We are from the Holy One within

Verse 1:
I am from Garin, from GUCI and campfires

I am from the song session and ruach, from outgoing-ness, beauty, and the Mercaz Chevrah

I am from the singing and the eating

I am from Jewish ruach and learning

From exploring our Judaism and having fun

From the movie nights, the bonding time, and the different, interesting smells

I am from the Beit Tefillah, chicken patties and pies

I am from the wooden cabins


I am from Shoresh, from the campfire and the s’mores

I am from the warmth, the sky; the trees scaping the clouds

I am from the “Shika Shika” and “shins up”

From always being nice and chewing with your mouth closed

I am from bringing warmth to strangers and Shabbat song session

I am from the goofiness of camp


I am from Gezah, from the Torah, 2% milk and the oogah

I am from the water flowing through camp, the willow trees standing in the wind

I am from the Jewish Standard Time and embarrassing moments

I’m from Zionsville, crumb cake and pizza bagels

I am from the Star of David, the eternal light

I am from Shabbat and loving

From the Mud Boy story, the creek walks and the family

I am from Shabbat and loving, I am from my home


I aam from Anaf, from hydrate or die-drate, from Nalgenes and Hydroflasks

I am from the purple tree, the Beit Tefillah green

I am from Friday Night Song Session and cabin themes

From Cabin 1 to Cabin 18 and everything in between, I am from GUCI

I am from the bunk nights and Yom Sport

I’m from 46077, from the Baal Shem Tov, the glowing embers floating to the sky and the harmonies.

I am from first day hugs and last day cries
I am from Goldman Union Camp Institute
My home away from home