Blog  10 Fun Ways to Spend Chofesh!

10 Fun Ways to Spend Chofesh!

By Laura Levine, URJ GUCI Counselor

Every day at camp we have “chofesh,” or free time, before lunch and dinner. It is an unstructured break from our schedule full of engaging programs and activities where campers have time to relax and enjoy time with their friends. Here’s some great ways to spend it!

  1. Soda Machines

    • If you have a sweet tooth and need your daily dose of sugar, the soda machines are perfect for you. Grab your canteen money and friends and head up top for your treat. Feel free to hang around the machines or old pool and don’t forget to recycle your can!
  2. Playground

    • This was a new addition to GUCI last year and definitely a sight to see. Climb on the monkey bars, race down the slide, or play on a rope ladder before lunch or dinner!
  3. Porches

    • If you prefer a more mellow activity, one of camp’s many porches is the place to be. Bring a deck of cards (regular or Magic) or friendship bracelet string and form a circle with your cabin-mates. Special props to whoever can finish a full card game or bracelet before you’re called to lunch!
  4. Jam Session

    • Take advantage of our talented array of staff members and campers! There are plenty of guitarists and singers who would love to rock out to your favorite camp songs and have a mini song session.
  5. Sports field

    • If you have extra energy and in need of a place to let it out, head on down to the sports field! Here, there is a sport shed equipped with basketballs, frisbees, and tennis racquets. If you choose this option, however, make sure to leave a few minutes early so you’re not late to a meal.
  6. Lights-Out Program

    • Even though it might not be dark outside, you can still enjoy this beloved nighttime activity! Grab fellow campers and a staff member you would like to get to know better and fire away with questions (weird stories guaranteed).
  7. Meet Kids from other Cabins

    • Camp is a community and one way to create the homey atmosphere is to socialize with other campers. Younger campers-don’t be afraid of the older ones (they’re all nice). Older campers-invite the little ones to hang out and help them feel the GUCI magic!
  8. Pet the Dogs

    • With two new dogs present at camp this year, you will have plenty of opportunities to get your puppy lovin’. Find Orly and Shemesh in front of the office or up top to play with these adorable puppies!
  9. Farm

    • Even more animals! Go down to the corner of the sports field to visit GUCI’s new farm. Baby chicks, ducks, and goats are living here this summer, but make sure to have our farm specialist Ali there with you want to get up close and personal!
  10. Outside Games

    • Nothing screams camp more than good old games. Together as a cabin or unit, you can play games in one of the various fields located around camp. Get a game of capture the flag or tag together behind the GUCI star or toss a frisbee around up top.

However you choose to spend your free time, have fun and enjoy your summer at Goldman Union Camp!