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New Refer-A-Friend Program


In an effort to spread the word about the amazing programs we offer at GUCI, we are pleased to introduce the Goldman Union Camp Refer-A-Friend Incentive for summer 2017!

Word-of-mouth is the most powerful and persuasive way to recruit new families into our great community. Deciding to enroll a child in camp for the first time is a big decision. The endorsement you can provide, as parents experienced with our program, is invaluable.

This program is simple.

What You Can Do:
Contact families that you know have kids the right age for GUCI (entering 3rd through 10th graders). Tell them about our wonderful program and community, and describe your child(ren)’s experience attending GUCI. Point them to our website (, where they can watch promotional videos and find a wealth of information on program offerings, facilities, pricing and scholarships, etc. Let them know that we are more than happy to discuss our program with them, and that they can email or call our office any time during the week with questions.
Here’s the important part: When families enroll, they are asked if anyone referred them to GUCI. Ask them to put your first and last name in that space indicating that you referred them to us.

What You Will Get:
When a new family enrolls a camper and indicates that you referred them, upon completion of their enrollment, we will discount your final balance by $100 per new camper you refer. This reduction does not apply to each camper YOU have enrolled. It is a credit to your final family balance.
But wait…there’s more! In addition, when you refer a new camper to us, we will put your name in a drawing for one of two (2) two-week tuition scholarships for summer 2017 (worth approximately $2250)! You will have one chance to win for each camper you refer. The drawing will be held and the winner(s) of the scholarships notified on Wednesday March 1st.

What They Will Get:
When a new family enrolls their children in camp and indicates they were referred by you, we will give them a $50 discount for each camper they enroll. This is in addition to any regular sibling or early bird discounts in effect at the time of their enrollment.

Conditions and Exclusions:
1. This incentive applies only to new families. It does not apply to siblings of campers already attending GUCI, or who have attended GUCI in the past.
2. There is no actual cash value to this incentive.
3. You must have at least one child enrolled in camp to receive this incentive.
4. GUCI will apply this incentive if your child is enrolled to participate in the Avodah Program or the NFTY/GUCI adventure in Israel.
5. No incentive award will exceed the cost of one two-week session at GUCI (approx. $2250).
6. If you win the scholarship and have made any payments towards summer 2017, we will reimburse you to ensure you receive two weeks free.
7. The incentive is not retroactive. It does not apply to new campers who enrolled on or before Thursday October 27, 2016.

Thank you in advance for helping to spread the word to your friends about GUCI!