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Trip Week is Terrific

It’s a typical morning at GUCI— Captain Crunch with Crunchberries with a side of real berries for breakfast, Birkat H’mazon, another goofy installment of “The Jellyfish Song,” then a Migdal skit. But rather an elaborate story line ending with an off rhyme to today’s lucky cabin’s theme… the crew calls a unit’s trip. Sixty campers scream in delight excited for their unit head to explain what lies ahead. This week is known as Trip Week. Each unit has the chance to get off camp for some alternative programming. Garin will enjoy the Percussion Museum, Shoresh will enjoy a day at a lake, Gezah will have a slumber party at a local congregation and spend a morning at a waterpark, and Anaf will enjoy an elongated camping trip.IMG_0299

This time away from the physical camp provides kids the opportunity to connect with campers and counselors they do not normally interact with. They can get to know the silly side of the boy in their sicha (discussion) group, get closer with friends in other cabins. While campers participate in an array of activities daily, trip week destinations differ so much from regularly scheduled activities that this short time off camp sticks out to form a more prominent memory to stick out years down the line.IMG_7486

When returning from these trips, campers bring back inside jokes, a sense of unity, and an excitement to be back on Moore Road. All four units (plus Avodah) come back together at dinner Thursday night full of ruach. The energy is through the roof as camp reunites as one kehilah kidosha (holy community).