Blog  Service for July 4, 2014

Service for July 4, 2014

Shalom! Almost every evening at camp, we have a different cabin lead T’fillot (services). Each camper writes a part and reads it before all of camp in between the prayers we say or sing as a community. This way, every camper gets the opportunity to share something of themselves with the wider camp, and to teach the community something about their values, Judaism, or their connection to our prayers. Our cabin services make each of our T’fillot that much more unique and meaningful. —Jacob Kraus, T’fillah Specialist 


Shabbat Evening Service

July 4, 2014

Cabin 1: Around the World With Garin


Opening Song


Lcha Dodi page 138


My favorite place in the world is Guci. I love Guci, because there are so many awesome people and so many friends. Guci is awesome, Guci is wonderful. – Ariel Covitz


Our theme is around the world. I don’t know about you, but I would go to Guci, that’s where I feel at home. Guci is my promised land. -Justin Garrison


Barchu page 146


My favorite place in the world is Guci, because I get to swim and I get to climb the migdal. –Sam


If I were to go anywhere in the world, it would be Guatemala. I would go there because that’s where I was born. –Elijah H.


Maariv Aravim page 148


Our service theme is: Around the World. One of my favorite spots around the world is here at Guci, because it’s my home away from home. It also has some of the friendliest people here. I have so much fun here! As I said before, Guci is my home away from home. –Naomi


Martha’s Vineyard, because I like the ocean and the sand. -Lev


Ahavat Olam page 150


Guci is my favorite place in the world, because we are all one big family and that is why Guci is my favorite place to be in the summer. –Josh


The Sh’ma means a lot to me. When I was younger, I thought the Sh’ma was the big, bossy prayer that was way more important than the others. Now, I realize all the prayers mean different things. The Sh’ma still stands out to me though, because it is saying that G-d is one. If there was more than one G-d, the Earth would be chaos. Please rise for the Sh’ma. –Sam

Shma/Vahavta page 152


My favorite place is home. I love home, because there are so many people I love. I also love home, because I have so many pets that I love! I love when I am home, I feel safe. -Addie


Mi Chamocha page 158


My favorite place is Guci. It’s a place where G-d is protecting you wherever you are. From the Hadar to the sports field, God is always there for you. –Hope


If I would choose any place in the world, it would be Guci. Guci is fun and the temperature is good. But, it is my first year at this camp. I believe that I will have a good time at Guci. -Eli


Hashkiveinu page 160



Vshamru page 162


My favorite place in the world is Guci. It’s my favorite place, because it’s a second home. A home of amazing people and loads and loads of fun. When there are bad times, there’s always a shoulder to cry on. -Julia


Amidah page 166


Guci is a special place, because I can meet so many new friends from all around the country. It’s my home away from home. -Lindsey


Our service theme is where is my favorite place ever. In my opinion, I would choose Guci. Guci is where I have met many new friends, had great food, and many more. –Ian Plaskoff


Shalom Rav page 178


My favorite place in the whole world is the creek in my back yard, because it has the best sound and I can go there whenever I want to. It calms me down when my sisters meet me. I can have time to myself when I am there. It’s always peaceful there! Please take a few moments for Silent Prayer. –CC


Our theme is all around the world. That theme relates to the Silent Prayer, because when you pray, you should do that in a place you feel close to G-d. At my home, I feel the closest to G-d. At my home, I can do things that I can’t do anywhere else in the world. At home, I feel welcomed. I feel like I have nothing to worry about. I feel like G-d is right above me and I can speak to him silently with no problem. Please take a moment for Silent Prayer. -William


Silent Prayer


My favorite place is here at Guci. I feel like I have a connection to G-d. At Guci, I feel like it is a big, loving family. The other campers are there for each other. Guci is my favorite place, because we are all connected. -Sara


I like roller coasters. I like them because you fun! At guci, you also have fun. So, I think Guci is like a roller coaster. –Ashton Mears


Aleinu page 586


Guci is a special place, because you can meet so many people from so many different places. This is also a special place, because you make friends that will be your friends forever. –Stepanie Grunwald


Kaddish Yatom page 598


My favorite place is Guci, because here I am around Jewish people! I feel like I can do anything. I feel close to everyone! And I feel good! –Elyse Wiener


Guci makes everything fun and service parts are important. It is the last service part, but everyone’s is important and that is why it is good. -Ari


Oseh Shalom

 Oseh shalom bimromav, Hu ya’aseh shalom aleinu

V’al kol Yisra’el. V’imru: Amen.

May the One who makes peace in High Places make peace for us and for all the world. And let us say: Amen.