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Opening Day Details

Our 2014 Goldman Union Camp staff is anxiously awaiting the arrival of you and your family this coming Tuesday. To make drop-off and the entire summer run smoothly, it is of great importance that you read and be familiar with the following information:


In past years, we have asked families to park at a nearby church so we could shuttle them to camp. We have heard the many comments about this procedure, both positive and negative, and have worked to move the entire drop-off procedure back onto camp grounds, in an effort to make a smoother transition from home to camp for your children.

An email was recently sent to you explaining the process and including a luggage label for you to cut & paste, and print out to be attached to your child’s luggage with clear packing tape. This label is essential to getting your child’s belongings swiftly to the correct cabin and bunk. Due to the group-mail system used, some parents did not receive the note. If you did not receive the letter sent Friday for any reason, please check your junk mail folder for a letter titled “Important GUCI Opening Day Information,” sent June 6th.  If it is not there, please contact the camp office by Monday morning so we can send you another.


Because the Parent Packet was posted prior to the final decision to have drop-off at camp, the “Driving Instructions” page directs you to the church. Please disregard these directions, and follow the directions at the bottom of the page listed for Closing Day. If you are using a GPS, the camp address is 9349 Moore Road, Zionsville, Indiana. Please note that your GPS may not recognize the address unless you input Indianapolis rather than Zionsville.


Families will be welcomed at camp between 1 pm and 4 pm on Tuesday. As always, we urge you, please do not arrive early!!! Cars that arrive early will only cause a traffic back-up on Moore Road and prevent our own essential camp vehicles and those authorized to come onto camp from entering the gates. Past experience shows that those who arrive later have a much easier time getting into camp and settling into cabins. Bunks and cubbies are assigned by the Director, and arriving early does not affect placement in the cabin or availability of storage space.

While not a requirement, we would like to suggest staggered drop-off by city. Those driving from further than 5 hours away (Detroit, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Kansas City, Des Moines, etc.) are asked to arrive between 1 and 2 pm. Those from two hours away or more (Cincinnati, Columbus, Louisville, Lexington, Fort Wayne, etc.) are asked to arrive between 2 and 3 pm. Those driving from closer (the rest of Indiana) are asked to arrive between 3 and 4 pm.


We listened to your comments from last year’s parent survey, and after careful consideration, we are bringing Opening Day back on camp! This new process will help make arrival and unloading easier and faster. You will drive directly on to camp property, where we will be using a valet service to transport your luggage to the cabin areas. If your luggage is tagged properly, when you arrive, you and all your passengers will exit your vehicle at the Beit Am. A valet will take your car and luggage to the appropriate cabin area(s). After check-in procedures are completed in the Beit Am, you can proceed with your camper(s) to his or her cabin, where your child’s luggage will be awaiting your arrival.

But in order for this to be successful we need your help.

We have emailed you a tag that needs to go on EVERY item that you want unloaded and delivered to each specific cabin. Anything without a tag will remain in your vehicle. Please print and copy this tag as many times as needed to make sure EVERY piece of luggage, storage units, duffle bags, pillows, etc. has one of these coded tags securely attached to it, preferably with clear packing tape. If you have more than one child attending this session, be sure to attach the appropriate child’s tag to his or her luggage. Please note: If you have more than one child registered for any Kallah Aleph program (including Garin Aleph), you will have received one email per child.

Luggage Tag for Camper Name


You will have to carry anything not tagged to the area from your vehicle, either by taking it with you when you exit at the Beit Am, or by retrieving it from your vehicle once it is parked on the athletic field. You will not be able to drive back through the areas yourself to drop off anything, as all traffic will exit camp through the 96th Street gate.

You may decline this complimentary valet service. However, because all traffic through camp will be limited to our hired, professional team, if you do so, you will be directed to a separate, on-camp location to park yourself and unload your child’s belongings. After you complete the check-in procedures in the Beit Am, you too will head to your child’s cabin. However, your child’s luggage will not be delivered until later that afternoon. This may prevent you from helping to situate your child in their new living space. While we have reduced costs by bringing this process back to camp, we simply do not have the ability to run two separate operations. Our valet system is a trusted, GUCI alumnus owned company that has been working with us diligently to reduce unnecessary traffic and prolonged transitions.

Please recognize that with all new systems come new challenges or drawbacks. We will continue to reach out for feedback to improve. However, we hope that these arrangements bring great improvement to our Opening Day procedures. Thank you in advance for your help in making our new system a big success.

As always, “Like” us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter for live Opening Day updates, and call the camp office at 317-873-3361 if you have any questions!