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Cabin 15 Service

Goldman Union Camp Institute

June 25, 2013

Cabin 15: Qualities of a Hero



Our service theme is the qualities of a hero. I think a hero needs to be a leader. They need to keep people calm in hard times and keep people together as a group. But a hero also needs to able to listen to people’s ideas and keep them in hand. Please stand for the Bar’chu. – Isaac


Our theme tonight is traits of a superhero or hero, but I couldn’t think of a hero so I decided to think of traits of most superheroes and apply them to camp. Usually most super heroes are strong just like the bond we share with our friends and family. There is something exceptional about super heroes; for example, when Bruce Banner gets mad he turns into Hulk, superman got a lot of power from just wearing a ring, Spiderman got bitten by a radioactive spider, and there are a lot more. And in a way we are all a little bit like super heroes because we all are unique and we all have our own special powers, even if they aren’t super powers. – Jonathan

There are many qualities which make us special. Let’s take Spiderman, for example. He is the youngest superhero and still has the courage and power to fight the other superheroes. There are many characteristics that a person can have and they all make us special. We are all different and that makes us special. – Dean

Ma’ariv Aravim

What qualities are in a hero? For me, it is courage. Batman has courage. He saves people from a lot of villains. He has true courage. – Joel

Ahavat Olam

What qualities do you think a hero needs to have? In my opinion, a hero needs to be able to lead a group of people and stay strong in the face of danger. A hero who portrays this is Batman. He works well with Robin and also stays strong even when evil villains are after him. – Jacob

Batman is a great super hero because he is a leader. He works together with Robin to save lives. This leadership relates to the GUCI community because we all work together to make this camp fun and enjoyable for everyone. GUCI has some interesting qualities such as fun, exciting, and entertaining at some points. Batman, on the other hand, is more towards the brave and super-man side. Therefore super heroes and GUCI are different in some ways and similar in other ways. [Name redacted by wish of camper]


My hero is Captain America. He is basically the Mi Chamocha. He has all the freedom he wants flying high in the sky. He has faith in all people. After he beats them, all his foes seek redemption and he creates miracles for other people. It’s like the Mi Chamocha is a super hero. Well, it’s just a prayer, but it has the same qualities as Captain America. – Nathan M.

Mi Chamocha

As you may know our service theme is qualities we see in heroes and role models. In my opinion, the other guys in my cabin and my counselors, Jake, Danny, and Josh, are our sort of protectors. They watch out for us and always make sure we are having fun, in a safe way that is. Some actual super heroes I look up to and see qualities like mine are: The Hulk, I can sometimes never control my anger and emotions; Captain America, I should’ve put him on my Frisbee team; and Captain Hindsight, of course. – Eric


Our theme is qualities we see in our personal hero. Mine is probably Ironman because he is brave and protects his city. He also has no secret identity, which is different from other heroes. I also have no secret identity. I am who I am and that is all that matters. – Ethan


My personal heroes are my dads. I see compassion and love in them. When I was a toddler, my dads would sing Shalom Rav to me and it was the very first song I could remember. I knew the melody and harmonies inside and out. They would sing it in the car, during dinner, and whenever I was sad. I can tell by the way they taught me and raised me, that they are full of love and compassion. They would hug me when I was sad and sing this song. – Noah

Shalom Rav

One quality that I think a superhero needs is having the ability to be calm in tough situations. The silent prayer is calm and this is what a hero should be in challenging times. Batman is a good example; even in hard times, he keeps a straight face. Keep calm and not overreacting is one of the best qualities a superhero can have. [Name redacted by wish of camper]

Silent Prayer

Today our service theme is qualities of superheroes. My superhero is my dad because he has always been there for me. The Aleinu talks about what makes us unique. My dad is also unique because he will try to embarrass me all the time or he will start dancing when any music comes on in the car. One time my dad and I swapped cars with Dan Nichols and my brother at a red light and all the cars were honking at us. That is why my dad is unique and my superhero. – Asher


Captain America is a great example of a superhero. He is loyal, determined, and strong – not just physically, but mentally too. He would also do anything to save a friend. Those are some great qualities I see in a hero. But that’s just a super hero. My everyday heroes are my parents. First of all my mom inspired me to go to GUCI. That was one of the biggest milestones in my life. Even though I was only in Garin and stayed for two weeks, it was the best time of my life. I was 9 and every year I come back. I have a great summer. My dad inspired me to play sports and now it is probably my favorite thing to do. Now with the five sports I play and piano, which my mom inspired me to do, I have a busy day every day and thanks to my heroes, a fun one too. – Jack

Kaddish Yatom

[Part redacted by wish of camper]