Blog  Let’s Welcome the Avodah Unit Heads!

Let’s Welcome the Avodah Unit Heads!

By Sam Kahn, Jillian Shkolnick and Ethan Bennett

Avodah 2013 Unit Heads


Shalom y’all,

We are Sam, Jillian, and Ethan, and we are the Avodah Unit Heads for the summer.

Avodah is a program for young adults who are entering their senior year of high school. This two-month summer experience is a chance for campers to take their next step in the GUCI ladder.

At its core, Avodah is a work-study program. Avodahnikim live in the Avodah building and work together in every aspect of camp throughout the summer.

Every two weeks Avodahnikim will be assigned to a different crew. These crews include Kitchen, Maintenance, Migdal (climbing tower), Canoeing, Camp K’ton (day camp counselor), Pool, Office, and others. Each of the crews are led by different members of Top Deck and will help teach the Avodahnikim different skills while learning to appreciate the many aspects of camp.

Jillian, Ethan, and Sam enjoying the hammocks on the Avodah porch!

In between our crew work, the Avodahnikim will experience special new Avodah-specific camp activities, as well as the aspects of camp that they have grown to love over the years. We will have all sorts of programming, educationals, social events, days and nights off and much, much more! Now a little bit about us, the Avodah Unit Heads:

I’m Sam Kahn, and I currently live in Tel Aviv. When I was eighteen I made the decision to make aliyah (immigrate to Israel) and have resided in Israel ever since. Over the past four years, I have lived in Jerusalem, Be’er Sheva, Haifa, and Tel Aviv, although I am originally from Overland Park, Kansas. I have taken a bit of an absence from GUCI over the last two years due to my military service, but I have been a part of GUCI since 2001, when I began second year Shoresh. After my wonderful experience as a camper, I moved on to be a first year counselor, and the following year I held the positions of senior counselor and Migdal man. While I did love jumping out of planes in the army, I am even more excited to spend this summer washing dishes and dumpster diving with all of you amazing Avodahnikim! Get ready!

My name is Jillian Shkolnick and I am currently a junior at DePaul University in Chicago where I am studying public relations, advertising, and psychology. Originally from Des Moines, Iowa, I have been a loyal GUCI girl since 2002, when I started as a second year Shoresh camper. I was a part of Avodah 2009 and moved on to be a Machonik (first year counselor), senior counselor, assistant pool director, and, last summer, I served as a head counselor for Geza. Avodah has remained one of my favorite experiences at camp and I cannot begin to express how excited I am to top that summer with Avodah 2013 – it is going to be amazing, get pumped!

My name is Ethan Bennett, and currently I a a junior at Indiana University, originally from St. Louis. I am studying political science, specializing in US/Middle Eastern foreign relations and racial politics. I am also majoring in Jewish Studies with a minor in Hebrew. This summer will be my 17th summer at GUCI, so it is safe to say that I love camp and that camp is a huge part of my life. Avodah was one of my favorite summers at camp because it gives us all an experience to be involved in a huge variety of jobs and parts of camp, all while having a ton of fun! I’m super pumped to follow the family tradition of Avodah (my dad was the first Avodah unit head) and to have a great summer!

We cannot wait for the summer to begin! We’re excited to work with our unit to keep camp safe and clean while making great memories in the process.