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New Communications Initiative

Dear Parents,

Based on feedback we received from our community during our 2012 end of summer survey, we launched a new communications initiative this October. We take your feedback and comments seriously, and understand that you want more insight into how your children are spending their summers. In order to improve in this area, we are committing to regular updates across a variety of media to keep you connected to all the excitement happening on Moore Road during Summer 2013.

From Sunday- Friday (no updates Saturday due to Shabbat), you can expect:

–          Regular Tweets about all the fun things happening at camp! For example: “Cabin 13 is going on Tikkun Olam” and “Shoresh is learning freestyle at the pool!” Follow @URJGUCI on Twitter or just check regularly.

–          Updates via our Facebook page; please ‘Like’ URJ GUCI on Facebook and receive all our updates in your regular newsfeed.

–          A minimum of 3 blog posts per week; we will share posts via Facebook and Twitter when new ones go up, or you can bookmark our Summer Central blog at

–          A weekly Shabbat email about the week at camp, from our director, Rabbi Mark Covitz.

We know that many of you are eager to know what your children are doing while they are here at camp, and we are excited to better fulfill our pledge to keep you involved this summer. We also recognize that our first duty is to take care of your children while they are at GUCI: to make sure they having a fun, healthy, exciting summer. We will try to take photos and to post them occasionally via Facebook, Twitter, and our blogs, but we cannot guarantee that this will happen every day, or that each parent will see a photo of his/her child at camp.

We strongly suggest that you make provisions for your children to take their own photos while at camp and to exchange pictures with their friends and cabinmates once the summer is over. Please also plan to send your children to camp with paper, pens, stamps, and envelopes (pre-addressed and pre-stamped works well), so your campers can communicate directly with you.

We can’t wait for you to read about all the excitement happening up at camp!