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Shoresh Day Off!

Yesterday was the greatly anticipated Shoresh Day Off! This is a day that only Shoresh campers get to have away from their normal schedule. It is full of fun activities and a trip off camp to an exciting location. Shoresh Day Off this year was a little different than in the past because it was Reverse Yom. Everything Shoresh did yesterday was backwards.

The day started off with the counselors in each cabin waking their campers up with the Shema, which is usually a bedtime ritual here. Then they headed up to the Mercaz Chevrah for dinner and a songsession. After a backwards meal, the campers had free time which then lead them to a unit program full of games like a bubble blowing contest and all Shoresh Sardines.

Although the unit program was fun, the campers needed a bit of down time to help them through the activities that were ahead of them. They watched a movie before lunch and were able to relax and hang out with friends!

After lunch was when the day really got started. Campers all headed down to the sports field to hang out at the pool, decorate shirts and make a snack for the event later that evening. They even were able to pick from a number of mini Chugim (shorter versions of Chugs) that were lead by their counselors like, Ultimate Frisbee, cloud watching, and coloring.

At 4:30, the pool closed and the campers were told to go get ready for the next adventure of the day. Once the campers were ready they all waited on the Mercaz Tochnit, where three buses were waiting for them. They loaded the buses and were off to their next event.

The buses arrived at their destination of Victory Field. The campers finally realized they were going to an Indianapolis Indians Baseball game! The campers were seated in a picnic area right off the outfield so they could see everything that was going on. And when the campers returned to camp they attended roll call and then went to their cabins for lights on, well really lights out!

Everyone enjoyed Reverse Yom yesterday and we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day for all the activities. Shoresh Day Off Kallah Aleph was one the best we have seen yet!