Blog  It’s Yom Sport!

It’s Yom Sport!

Yom Sport finally arrived and we couldn’t have been more thrilled. Campers thought Wednesday was the special day but were disappointed when they realized it wasn’t. We woke up for roll call at the Old Pool to sing and greet each other for the day. The songleaders began the song Modeh Ani and Orin Reynolds, one of our amazing event organizers for the day, gave the good news to camp. Moments after the break the team captains came running out screaming their team cheers.

After our event organizers Evan Silverstein and Orin Reynolds introduced each team, they gave campers an idea about what today was going to look like. The campers would first go to team locations to meet each other and learn cheers. Once each team knew their cheers they moved into the sports event. Each team competed against each other in various sports like knockout, Gaga, kickball and ultimate Frisbee.

Following healthy competition on the sports field was the Quiz bowl. The Quiz Bowl is where each unit, on each team, got a chance to answer questions to win points. The campers were asked questions about Judaism and different things around camp. Once the Quiz Bowl had ended, campers raced to take their places in the all-camp marathon.

The marathon started at the front gate with each team having to make a human pyramid. There were various stations that had to be completed like finding a piece of bubblegum in a bowl of whipped cream with no hands, leap frog, and doing an Israeli dance. When every station had been finished, the teams met down at the sports field to make a line so their captains could crawl under everyone to make the finish line. And to end the marathon in a perfect way, there was all camp swim!

Later in the evening came the time to find out the winner of Yom Sport. Each team performed a song, they wrote, about what their team represented. All of them portrayed Israeli Sports Teams. The Green Team was the Moadon HaKaduregel Haifa, the Blue Team was the Maccabi Tel Aviv, the Yellow Team was Beitar Jerusalem Soccer Club, and the Red Team was the HaPoel Tel Aviv. After performing final songs, they gave it their all at a few last cheers to sway the judges. And after much deliberation the judges came back with a winner, the Blue Team! Of course we all know that everyone is a winner at Goldman Union Camp.

Yom Sport isn’t about being competitive here at G.U.C.I. It’s about teamwork and learning that competition should be mhealthy. Anaf campers were working together with Shoresh and Garin campers to make it through the marathon. It was a day to unify the whole camp and show all campers that age should not separate them when working towards a common goal. And although we all might lose our voices from cheering and it doesn’t matter who won, everyone still remembers events they took part in and what a difference they made to their team. Yom Sport Kallah Aleph 2012 really was a day to remember!