Blog  We are All Partners with God

We are All Partners with God

Since today is the first official day of camp we all came together, as a whole camp, in our educational program Shiur.

Ari Ballaban is our Judaic Studies Director this summer and a current student at Hebrew Union College. He planned and led our inspiring program that showed us our Shuir theme, Partners with God. In order to help campers understand the theme for the summer, they were involved in many Tikkun Olam projects around camp.
Campers were sent to areas like the Old Pool, Camp K’ton Cottage and Sports Field to plant trees and paint. They worked together within their cabin groups to decorate and beautify camp. By taking part in these simple projects, they helped make camp a better place. Also by becoming a partner with God this summer, they are learning valuable morals that they can embody forever. Shiur is a time where campers can express their own thoughts about Judaism, as well as listening to their friends and counselor’s views. Through the activities that they participate in during Shiur, they make friendships and bonds with others in their unit!

Today’s Shiur was a great start to what will be taking place the rest of the summer. Campers will be discussing and engaging in activities that will help them understand and play a role in Judaism. We can’t wait to see what other fun and inventive activities shiur presents to our campers!