Blog  Anaf’s G.U.C.I. Poetry

Anaf’s G.U.C.I. Poetry

For Anaf limud (our interactive educational program) this week we had each camper write down one word that describes camp for him or her. They then handed in their words and were given a new set of words, which were used to complete the below poems to describe their feelings about camp! Please enjoy their beautiful poetic works.

Our home

Our dream world

With real memories to last a lifetime

A time to be ourselves

To have the freedom to be different

We often engage in Jubilance

There is jubilance in the air

Our home away from home


When were at home,

We feel melancholic.

Away from our therapy,

A place called G.U.C.I.

It is a life-changing experience,

Away from home.

Where we find,

An overwhelmingly magical community.

We are inspired to reach,

Our highest potential.

And to find,

Our inner-peace.


G.U.C.I. is home,

Home gives me freedom.

Freedom inspires me to be myself,

With inspiration we can escape being human.

For just a minute, we change our lives together,

Together we can create opportunities to be selfless.

Peace, calm, that is life,

That is G.U.C.I.

Where fun and friendship are never ending,

Where life is always touched by comfort.

Where the escape from everyday life leads to hope,

Where we can relax and revitalize our life.

Where we’re amazing for being different,

And everyone is whole.



Home is where I found myself,

In the most powerful and impossible way.

It’s unspeakable how love is spoken,

Without words.

It is unexplainable how lifechanging it is here.

This is love.

This is our home.

This is camp.