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Chug Presentations

Shalom! I’m Rae Dick, a Gezah Counselor and one of the drama specialists for Shoresh! I absolutely love working with both units! Each unit has one hour a day where they pick a choice activity called chug. Chugim switch every two weeks, so campers have the opportunity to participate in more than one chug throughout the session. At the end of those two weeks, G.U.C.I. puts on an evening program called Chug Presentations. All of the chugs that want to present what they have been working on get the chance to do so. This could be a skit from drama, dances from dance chug, or slideshows of pictures from photography. We just had chug presentations with some really funny counselors as hosts, and all of G.U.C.I. can’t wait until the next one!

Shoresh drama has been outstanding! At first we started playing simple drama and improvisation games. However, Jonathan (my co-specialist) and I soon realized that Shoresh was capable of so much more. They not only excelled at drama games, but also made the chug more fun for everybody! We all now have a ton of inside jokes, and I couldn’t be happier with the way that it all turned out! All of the campers involved were so positive and engaged—perfect for any chug!

Going back to chug presentations—Shoresh drama’s skit was a huge hit! The campers came up with the concept of having a dance show, and having their counselors be the contestants. They all “spied” on their counselors, trying to understand the way they walked, talked, and any little mannerisms. The kids loved it, and the older campers were laughing the entire time!