Blog  4th of July at Camp

4th of July at Camp

Fourth of July at G.U.C.I. is an exciting time for all the staff and campers.  There is so much American spirit.  We had special flag centerpieces on the tables at breakfast and lunch, and many of the units changed their cheers to make them about America.  Everyone was wearing red, white, and blue.

Carrying the Float for the Fourth of July

We had a regular day, but then for dinner we had a delicious cookout meal.  Next, each cabin got to design a float and banner for a camp-wide parade.  Campers also got to take a patriotic song and change the lyrics to a patriotic song to be about their cabin.

Campers next all lined up, floats, banners, and song lyrics in hand to participate in the parade.  Avodah decked out a car for the fourth of July, and Director Mark Covitz started the parade on the camp’s A.T.V.  Each cabin then marched singing their songs down to the sports field.  Campers really loved seeing all the floats and participating in the parade.

All of camp participated in a Fourth of July parade.

Next, everyone had to opportunity to swim.  Cabin groups were called out individually to enjoy a delicious patriotic snack or play on the slip ‘n slide.  Afterwards, we had services, which had the theme of independence.

The best part of the night for many campers was what came next: the fireworks.  Campers moved back to the tennis courts and with a soundtrack of great American classics.  We saw a great show and had a wonderful day.