Blog  G.U.C.I. 2011!!!

G.U.C.I. 2011!!!

Families and communities (the successful ones) do not just happen; they are built, gradually, piece by piece.  Nowhere is this truer than at Goldman Union Camp.  Every fall when camp comes to an end our community disperses; the members of our family return to their respective homes.  And in the spring we begin to build again.  This year it began with a few full-time staff members who work year-round at the camp – in the office and on the grounds.  In April we added a new director; and in May we bid farewell to our director of the last 37 years, our friend, our leader, and our teacher, Rabbi Ron Klotz.  What seems like an eternity ago, but in reality has only been two weeks, twenty enthusiastic, energetic, amazing staff members arrived to put in the hours and the sweat necessary to open our camp facility.  A week later our Leadership and Top Deck Staff arrived to get our program in place; and a week later the rest of our staff – senior counselors and Machonikim showed up to begin training for all of the work ahead.  A day later we added the next-to-the-last piece of the puzzle – Avodah 2011 – the group of high school seniors who will complete all of the behind-the-scenes work that allows the rest of us to shine.  And in the process, they will have the summer of their lives.

Today the community is finally complete, our campers have arrived.  So we have our purpose.  The rest of our family arrived and Kallah Alef began.  The green fields and dirt paths at 9349 Moore Road were filled with campers creating cabin communities of their own, and parents wishing they could stay.  Today… our purpose began.

Mark Covitz
Camp Director